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40% Discount
on May 15th

Focus Photoeditor v.7!

Book your copy on BDJ for just 20,70 EUR instead of

34,50 EUR

We have just released the latest update of our photo editing software for Microsoft Windows, with a lot of improvements, many new features, higher quality corrections and filters and also easier interface and faster processing.

Focus Photoeditor will be your favorite choice, whether you are an expert in processing digital photos or just happen to be a novice. 

Also if you are no expert it will let you learn very quickly, and you will get perfect results in very short time.


Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, 1 GB free RAM, recommended CPU: Dual Core or greater

Complete Photo Editing Solution

Offers any tool, correction and filter for your daily photo editing. 

Easiest to use and professional at the same time.

State of the art Raw Decoding algorithms.

Compatible with Photoshop plugins and many standards.

Impressive quality in all your edits.

One-click Photo Recovery

A good picture does not need a lot of tweaking, but in order to recover bad photos with wrong exposure and flat colors, even the most powerful editor will need more than just "muscles". 

It needs some intelligent built-in automatic corrections to make the hardest part of the work for you. 

We offer proprietary automatic corrections that will bring your pictures to new life. 

These fixes have been intensively tested on different images, in order to be effective for you. 

Batch processING

Are you taking hundreds of pictures at some event? Maybe it's a wedding or a school meeting.You need to develop and enhance a lot of photos but you also want a very good degree of control? Our batch processor is what you need. 

You will be able to process any number of photos and at same time you keep the control, because each change to each individual photo may be undone, and you may edit some picture yourself when the automatic fixes are not enough.




you will be able to purchase your copy of Focus Photoeditor 7 for a 40% discount,

but only on the 15 th of May 2014!

When you purchase our software, you will get all minor updates for free. 

We carefully listen to our customers feedback and make any needed change or add features even during the minor updates cycle.


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